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Perfect Smile



Wooden Toothbrushes

Baking Soda / Brushing Teeth / Hydrogen Peroxide / Mercury Filling (Amalgam)



Carrie, it's not the end of the world.

Freaking out that she lost a filling during a meal out with her in-laws. Well at least it was a mercury amalgam sort, and she didn't swallow it; thank heavens. Oh God, she bit down on it. Did that release vapors she inhaled; which would go directly to her brain and get embedded, trapped in the blood brain barrier of course? She was already dramatic enough without adding demented to the mix.



You'd better call the dentist right away and get that taken care of. Don't worry that our health insurance doesn't cover dental.

Leigh and Carrie had been married for many years, but she still hadn't really found an inroad into the family circle.

The mother-in-law and gang, startled to have so much involvement with her, just stared in her direction. At get-togethers, mostly she was designated at the end of the table, and basically overlooked. She quieted up when all the relatives stopped their chatter and eyeballed her. She nervously grabbed her iced tonic and lime, took a sip, and nearly went through the ceiling with the shooting pain. Well this dinner wouldn't be over fast enough. There would be more in her 'to go box' this time for sure.






*1&2 Joseph Mercola Physician

Holding the toothbrush over the glass, she squeezed a short stream of hydrogen peroxide over the brush. From a jar she took a pinch of baking soda, sprinkling it until the wet brush went from looking slushy, to a light covering of snow. Putting the glass of to the side, she brushed her teeth. Nothing wasted. Afterwards she used the over spill from the bottom of the class to swish it in her mouth then spit it out.

She got up early, well, her version of early, to brush her teeth. Will have to go gingerly near that void.


Why the heck not!?! Every other body part is covered, from an ingrown toenail, a cardiac infarction, to a frontal lobe tumor. Why is the mouth excluded?


Mercury vapors from amalgam fillings pass through your cell membranes, and once in your brain, can be dangerous to your overall health

Dr. Mercola *2


ITEMS: Toothbrush, cup, baking soda & hydrogen peroxide (both food grade).


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